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HTTP-GET function

Question asked by renonevada on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Benjamin Fehr

Hi, Since today I joined the Filemaker community, because I am working on a Piloting related project, but I'm not a highly skilled user (yet ).


So: I would like to be able to enter ICAO airport codes in a field and automatically select the complete name of that airport.

There are several websites, where you can enter the ICAO code and retrieve the correct airport location and name. Some websites also provide the distance between those airports... it would be great to extract that data too!

I think I should use the http-get function for that, but I don't know how. Examples on the internet don't give me a clue either, because all these examples are written in a way the writer assumes you are a highly skilled programmer...

Or should I use another method anyhow? A table with all the codes (downloaded before) is also an option, but when something changes, I would probably not notice it and the database will then get erroneous over time (at least some airfield might appear or disappear). So I prefer to use a website.

Can someone help me with this feature?


Thanks! Reno