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Tracking multiple versions of each record via a portal or other method

Question asked by aejohnson.edit on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by aejohnson.edit

Hi, just getting started using FileMaker Pro 13.0v9 to keep track of VFX shots on a feature film.


Initially, I imported records from a tab-delimited .txt file exported from Avid Media Composer for all the VFX shots with all my metadata, which resulted in a database with one record for every version of a shot. However, now I'm thinking it would be easier to track everything by having one record for each shot, and then displaying each version of that shot in a portal—which I've just learned existed.


I'm here because I don't know how to implement this at all, or if this is even an efficient method. From what I've learned about portals thus far, it seems like a sound solution though.


An important detail that may help those seeking to help me is that each shot's filename is such:









and so on. The first entry there is a four-digit code that represents the name of this movie. First number field denotes the scene, second denotes the VFX shot, third denotes the VFX version.


So, it would be great if—by using the database I already have imported (of every single version of every shot)—I create a layout that shows one record for each shot, its general information, and then have the versions listed and their accompanying notes within a portal on that record.