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FM Pro 12 License While Testing on Another Platform

Question asked by ntnstr on Jul 21, 2016
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Hi Everyone,


Situation: I have one Filemaker Pro 12 license installed on one PC and just today decided to test if the program will run through Wine on Ubuntu 16.04 using the same license installed on my Windows 10 one. I was able to install it on the Ubuntu PC while the one on Windows is turned off. I was just curious if there is a way to run it through Wine.. By the way, it crashed after trying to connect to a host. I forgot to uninstall it on the Ubuntu PC and when I connected to the one on my Windows 10 PC, of course, it said that the app would close as the license is activated more than once. I was able to use my W10 FM Pro 12 one when I uninstalled the one on Ubuntu through Wine.


Now, is my license safe after the situation mentioned above? I know I got the message as the app communicates with the licensing server upon startup.