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Show/Hide Fields in Portal based on selected value

Question asked by sivagurS on Jul 21, 2016
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Hi ,


I am trying to design a form where the field elements of the form are to be created dynamically based on  a

value the user chooses.

All the User controls within the form will be coming from a table record dynamically.

i.e: DP -> Drop-Down Calendar, TB ->  Edit Box etc.


For Example

   If the user chooses 'TEST A' and the 'Test A' form has controls TB and DP, then the form has an Edit Box and a Calendar.

  Or if the user chooses 'TEST B' and the 'Test B' form has controls CH, CX and TB, then the form will hold Check Box, Drop-Down List and an Edit Box.


To do this I have my form inside a portal with all the necessary field elements(Edit Box,Drop-down List,Check-Box,Drop-down Calendar etc) with Hide Conditions and trying to show/hide them depending on User selection.


I am able to filter the portal records and display only those controls belonging to a Test Case, but the 'Hide When' condition takes the value of the Control Type of the last record and displays the same in all rows.

i.e. If user chooses 'Test A', instead of showing an Edit Box and a Calendar , it shows 2 Calendars because the last record's Control Type is 'DP'


Hope I have made my requirement clear.

I know I am pretty close to what I need to accomplish, but not sure how.


Any help would be brilliant.


Thanks and Regards,