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Importing one FM database into another

Question asked by brendaha on Jul 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2016 by ninja



I am been trying to import data from on FM 13 database into another with no luck.  Every time I try, I get the following Import Summary (see capture 1).  I am trying to import either an Excel file or a Filemaker file.  My process is as follows:


  1. Choose a blank record in the target database.
  2. Select file, import records, file, then choose Excel file.  (see capture 2)
  3. Select the Excel file and then open.  I receive the Import Field Mapping dialogue which show 398 files to be imported.
  4. Check the pairings
  5. Click the "Don't import first record (contains filed names) box and them click import (see capture 3)
  6. Because I am importing data from a different FileMaker file with serial numbering, I don't choose the "Perform auto-enter option..." (see capture 4)
  7. I click import and received the following message (see capture 5).


What am I doing wrong?  Please help.