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    Importing one FM database into another




      I am been trying to import data from on FM 13 database into another with no luck.  Every time I try, I get the following Import Summary (see capture 1).  I am trying to import either an Excel file or a Filemaker file.  My process is as follows:


      1. Choose a blank record in the target database.
      2. Select file, import records, file, then choose Excel file.  (see capture 2)
      3. Select the Excel file and then open.  I receive the Import Field Mapping dialogue which show 398 files to be imported.
      4. Check the pairings
      5. Click the "Don't import first record (contains filed names) box and them click import (see capture 3)
      6. Because I am importing data from a different FileMaker file with serial numbering, I don't choose the "Perform auto-enter option..." (see capture 4)
      7. I click import and received the following message (see capture 5).


      What am I doing wrong?  Please help.

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          1. you need to be ON a layout with the target fields (and it appears you are). blank record is not necessary as you are adding new records.


          2. is correct


          3. the dialog should show 398 RECORDS (not files or fields) to import. Click the ">>" Next to field names to scroll through data that would import if the matches are correct. The number of records will be listed.


          4. is correct (matching pairings) also shown in capture 3.


          5. is correct ( also shown in capture 3 ). I tend to arrange by: Matching Names, if the names are the same in both source and target.


          6. You are importing from Excel, not another FileMaker file. But the "Perform auto-enter" is correct


          7. Capture 5 shows all the records are skipped.


          If you go back to #3 and test the ">>" to see if there are records that would come in that helps. If it does not scroll, then no records would come in.


          Perhaps you have some blank rows in the Excel (as is often the case). You can specify a "print area" in Excel to exclude the blank rows.


          Can you take a screen shot of the first 2-3 rows of the Excel (black out the data is needed)?



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            I went through the records and made sure it was on Record 1 with information; no change in the outcome.  Attached is a screenshot of the Excel file.  I do have the same information in the filemaker file, but it produced the same results.

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              Take special care to verify #1 on Beverly's list....I see Lay contact data on your layout, but Church data on your import.


              Are you trying to import church data into the layperson table?  Make sure you are on the Church table to import Church data.

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                Check your field validation options. Data to be imported will be skipped if a specified "validate always" option is not valid for that row.


                One guess is is that you have specified unique values on your serial number field and your imported records have serial values that duplicate those of records already in your table.

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                  Ok, I switched to the table view.  My concern now is impending conflict as a view the data.  Two of us were working on separate databases which we intended to merge together.  I started my serial numbering at CDB0000000000000500.  Unfortunately, I notice that she also has a person with that same serial number.  When I merge the two databases, there is bound to be conflict.  What should I do?  There a three tables that have to be merged. 

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                    I just discovered that.  What should I do?

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                      You have a mess to clean up. Take a copy of your file and use replace field contents to update this field and the corresponding match fields of related records. You update the related tables first, then the parent table.


                      In this type of situation, it's better to use a text field that auto-enters get(UUID) instead of a serial number.

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                        the "view" (Table, Form or List) does not matter in any import.


                        did you test the import dialog ">>" to see that data would be coming in?



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                          I'm very new to FileMaker so I'm not sure I know how to do what you are suggesting.  Would you provide a step by step process or point me in the direction where I can find such, please?  Given that the conflicting serial numbers are about a dozen, would it make sense to delete the dozen in the A-L database, merge the A-L and M-Z databases, and then re-enter the dozen on the end?  Please excuse the silly question, but I really don't know if this is feasible.

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                            What I saw in that error message suggests that either every record in those you want to import have duplicate serial numbers, or there is some other validation option that is causing all the records to be skipped. You'll need to find out which is the case.


                            So what you suggest would fix the problem you have spotted but is unlikely to enable you to import all of the records.


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                              just for a test you may wish to create a new database by opening one of the Excel files. Let it create the table and fields. Then study. This will have no validations or other variables. This is simply a test of the "import" to see if the data appears.



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                                Will do.  Thanks.


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                                  I note that you are only trying to import 397 records...


                                  In this same situation, I would likely brute force it.

                                  - Take off the "unique" validation

                                  - Do the import and bring everything in

                                  - Search for duplicates (using exclamation point "!")

                                  - verify whether or not they are truly duplicates

                                  - take appropriate action for each duplicate, be it re-ID'ing or deleting.


                                  Another way to do it with such a small record count is to run a looping script through the sending dbase and renumber before importing...son't forget to reset the ID's for child records as youre looping...