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    Jump from Portal to Recordnumber


      I want to have a Layout that shows all Records in a Portal which I did with referencing the Table with itself with X.

      Then I want to klick into one Record in that Portal to jump into that Record.


      That would be Go To Record, but how do i fiind out the Recordnumber?


      Also is there maybe a better way as the Portal to show all records? The Record should be viewable in all record though.

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          David Moyer


          - try View>View as List to see all records at once without a portal

          - otherwise the script step Go to Related Record will take you to a specific row, in a different layout

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            I got it working somehow.


            I did a unstored caluation field in the Main Table with Get(RecordNumber)


            And then I did a Set Script trigger in the self related Table which I used in the portal with this script:


                 Set Variable [$RecordNr; Value:Get ( ActiveFieldContents )]

                 Go to Record/Request/Page [No dialog; $RecordNr]



            I dont know if this is clever could be a bit slow on larger Record numbers?

            I dont want to use List View and also I dont want to leave the Layout.

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              This is a technique that might not always work. The record number is a dynamic value that can change very easily. Omitting records, adding records or changing the sort order can all change the record number for possibly many records. That's because record number is just a record's current position in the current found set. It could easily get out of synch with the order in your portal.


              Assuming that the portal and layout TO's are linked in a self join, I'd use go to related record and specify the current layout as the target layout.

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                Thanx that works great! I knew that there was something wrong.