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    Language question


      I have some problems with language settings in a file.

      I have a field containg the actual or choosen date, and another field that will give the dayname of that date.


      The problem is, the dayname is shown up in norwegian, despite the file use system setting, and the computer are set to use swedish as the main language, and there are no strange settings in the systemsetting.


      If I make a copy of the date field, and set it to show dayname, then date, it show the dayname in swedish.


      It´s the same on both Mac and Windows.

      The correct dayname should be: "måndag", not "mandag", the norwegian and sweish language are somewhat similar, but also quite different, so in this case, there are 6 days that have the dayname spelled wrong.


      Anyone have any clue on how I can solve this?


      The file is set to use the system setting both in the file itself, and in one of the first scriptsteps when starting up the file.


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          I could easily be wrong here, but I am going by imperfect human memory as well as remembering some tech advice that is now several versions old.


          Try saving a clone of the file and then importing all your data into the clone. That might make a difference here.

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            Sorry, that didn´t help either.


            There seems to be something in the file itself, becuase, I can see that it change the names when I open the files, if I choose to show the calculation: DayName (Get ( AktuelltDatum )) I see that the result change from "Söndag" to "Søndag" -> That is sunday.

            I have erased all data in the file, and tried to start over, but that didn´t help.


            If I switch to use and don´t use system settings, it affect they way the date format is shown, but it doesn´t change the dayname.

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              Have you tried changing the user dictionary?

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                This stupid problem is still unsolved as of Filemaker 15.


                The DayName() function will always return its result in the language used when the database was created.


                If you create a database on a german system, Dayname() will forever return Montag instead of Monday.


                If you want to change this behavior, you can make a clone. But now you're locked into getting Monday forever.


                This does absolutely not help in a country like Switzerland, where we use at least 3 languages.


                The only solution is to avoid using DayName and roll your own custom function.