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    how can I highlight row?


      I have a form which is essentially like a spreadsheeet in appearance, with 31 columns - which takes two screens to display.


      Is there any way, when I click on a row header, that I get the whole row to change appearance so that I can easily find that row in 'later' columns?





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          Two options  

            You can enable the "delineate" option in layout set up and give all the fields a distinctive appearance such as a fill color. With "delineate " on, this formatting is only visible on the active row.


             You can place a "do nothing" button or other object that you can conditionally format in the background behind your fields. Give it an expression such as get ( recordID ) = $$recordID. Then set up the OnRecordLoad trigger to perform this script

          Set Variable $$RecordID ; get ( RecordID )

          Refresh Object "highlight"


          use the the inspector to give the object "highlight" as its object name.


          Both my answers assume that you are in list view with one record to a row.

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