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    PSoS ODBC Sync Script Hangs




      I have a fairly complex script which is run as PSoS, and basically syncs data between Filemaker and a MySQL DB using ODBC.


      The script itself uses a combination of Execute SQL script steps, and 'native' field read/writes using ESS.


      In terms of volumes, the script needs to write to about 100,000 or so records in remote tables on each run.


      If I run the script against one item in Filemaker, this requires updating of about 100 or so remote records.


      Running the script against a single item in Filemaker works flawlessly.


      Running the script against up to around 15 items or so works flawlessly.


      If I try to run the script against 5,000 records in filemaker (which is what it needs to do), then it appears to run flawlessly for about the first 15-25 records, and then just seems to hang there. The Admin console just says the script is still running, and interrogation of the log files doesn't seem to report anything either, but I can see that after a certain point, the remote tables are simply not being updated.


      It's pretty tricky to understand whats going on here without any information in the logs at all, so any ideas? My guess is that the ODBC connection is being refused or something, but why no log messages, and what could I do to get around this?

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          Is your server Mac or Win? Mac has driver connection limits. Depending on how your script is written and how quickly the previously used connections are released you may be seeing that problem. If this is the case you might be able to reorganize how this process is done or contact Actual Technologies for a special licensing package to accommodate your use.

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            Thanks for your reply BigTom, the solution is hosted in Windows Server 2012, so it's not a Actual Tech driver issue. I actually think I've resolved this now by using the Set Field script step over the ESS instances rather than the Execute SQL  'Insert' script step, and this seems to have resolved the issue - I guess it was something to do with creating and releasing the connection, perhaps at the remote end.


            Thanks for your response.