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    Devcon 2016 Attendance


      I didn't seen any official numbers from FileMaker, but heard talking over at the registration desk that there were about 1270 paid attendees and about 1600 total counting vendors and FM staff.  But its official that 2017 will be in Phoenix. 


      The following is the Devcon History summary from Troi, the plugin manufacturer (Troi Automatisering DevCon photo archive ).  Thanks Peter Baanen for maintaining this history for us. 




      Below you'll find info and mostly photos on past FileMaker Developers Conferences:

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          I believe Troi's list is incorrect.


          1. Santa Clara

          2. San Jose (I still lived in town and went home every night!)

          3. Monterey (I had moved to TX and broke my leg 2 wks before the DevCon - I showed up 'in wheels')



          Last Year's t-shirt had the correct years/locations.


          However there were appearances at MacWorld with a FileMaker booth...


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              Thanks, Beverly.  Always nice to get the correct info.  And a bit interesting. 

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                Wow thanks!


                Looking at all the history I see that roughly every 5-6 years there is a conference in Florida. Given that 2017 is in Arizona, I am guessing maybe in 2018 it would come to the east coast again.


                It was a very enjoyable first DevCon for me this time around but next year will stick to a European venue.


                P.S.: Honestly I cannot understand why would anyone want to make a conference in the middle of the summer at the edge of the city of Phoenix in the scorching heat At least LV is fun!

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                  Phoenix was way nicer than LV. And 2008 was not as hot as LV was this year. They have a buncha nice pools and an awesome lazy river for those "impromptu meetings."


                  You stay inside most of the time anyway.


                  LV conference was great, the hotel was great. I am just not a Las Vegas kinda guy.

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                    It sure would be nice if the conferences were somewhere cooler like Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Vancouver, etc.  Two places we've done it where it actually was ok temperature was San Diego and San Francisco.  I imagine we go hot places because they offer big discounts in the summer.  Apparently Marriott is the favored contractor now since we've been to 3 in a row at Marriotts, and the next one is too.  I'm going to assume the Phoenix resort will be similar to the San Antonio one, out in the middle of no where, but with lots of on-site amenities.  I'm not a gambler and drink rarely, so a lot of what Las Vegas had to offer wasn't high on my priority list.  But I did have a good time there and the facilities were good.  I especially like that this year they went back to having meals with the vendors around the outside, which made it easier for me to eat and go see vendor booths.