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Database table set-up query in FileMaker

Question asked by pfc2016 on Jul 24, 2016
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I’m hoping someone may be able to help with a database set-up query that I’m struggling with.



I am creating a DB to track curriculum coverage. At the moment we have a spreadsheet with multiple tabs for each subject (see attached). Within each tab/subject there are:


  1. Key areas (e.g. Chronological Understanding)
  2. Areas of Learning (AOL)
  3. Various steps within each AOL



These skills are to be linked to students and classes to track them.



The idea is that the teacher can select a subject (e.g. history), that will then narrow down the appropriate skill ladder (history). They can then select a key area followed by an Area of Learning. This will then present them with the various steps, which they can then select.



What would be the best way to approach this in FileMaker? Separate tables for each of the above 3 (times the number of subjects). If so would a separate table be needed for each of the Areas of Learning (for each subject)? This approach will obviously result in an awful lot of tables. Is there a simpler way that I’m missing?



Any help/advice would be gratefully received.



thank you