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WebDirect, DB online, but not available for some customers

Question asked by ChristofferRexen_1 on Jul 26, 2016

Hello everyone,


We have a rather unusual problem with our WebDirect Server, which is hosting all our Online solutions.


The databases are available internally for our Clients and are likewise available for our Clients externally, when trying to access via WebDirect, using internal as well as external IP-addresses.


The databases are hosted on a Mac Mini, OS X Yosemite 10.10.5, Apple Server, FileMaker Server V. 14.0.2 + FileMaker Pro V. 14.0.6 for PDFinWD.Robot scripts.


Our Clients are using Mac Mini's OS X El Capitan 10.11.5, FIleMaker Pro V. 14.0.2


Nothing unusual there.


Although, when some of our customers are trying to access the databases.

All they see, is the spinning circle right before the login window should appear in WebDirect (Although the login window never appear?!)


The customers are using:

Windows 8.1 / 10

Internet Explorer / Internet Edge / Chrome / Mozilla (Although not supported)

Although with no luck when trying to access the solutions.


I'm lost, i've tried everything.

I've tried using my cellular device and share the Wi-Fi from here, to act like a customer, although I don't experience the problems as mentioned with no login window appearing.


Any kind of help or solutions would be grateful.

I'm lost.


Yell if you need more information.


Best regards.