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FM Pro on Windows Server 2008

Question asked by stanley on Jul 26, 2016
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We have a couple of servers which run as robots in our current FM11 deployment. We are upgrading everything to FM14 in the coming weeks, and discover that FMPro 14 does not want to install on our servers, running Windows Server 2008. Looking at FileMaker's compatibility documentation, I am surprised to see that no Windows Server OS is listed at all for client versions of FileMaker, going back in time. There are only listings for single-user versions of Windows. We have always had installs of FileMaker Pro on our servers, as they are such great machines for heavy lifting (huge reports, etc.) and it has always worked fine. Has this changed?

My question is: can one install any recent (.fmp12) version of FileMaker Pro on Windows Server 2008?


Note that I am not referring to servers with FileMaker Server on them. These are just Windows machines which happen run the server OS.


Many thanks in advance