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Creating a FM solution for a community center

Question asked by bmorerob on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by beverly

Hello FM community!


New user here, and slightly confused about best-practice.


My organization purchased FM to be our primary software at our community center.  The primary needs are event/space rental tracking (particularly knowing room availabilities), booking these rentals, and tracking clients who rent space.  I always envisioned this similar to the process of booking a hotel or airplane on a website -- click on calendar, view availabilities and rates, and "checkout".


Our second priority is tracking events and programs we host, and the participants who attend.  Again, we need to ensure no room and time conflicts.




I have read through the entire Training Series "BASICS" book, and although I feel good about working within FM on an existing database, the process of starting one from scratch and creating this relationships is a bit overwhelming.




(thank you) -Rob