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    Stuck in Script Debugger (Kind of)


      When using Script Debugger (Running FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced on an iMac running Yosemite) while programming, I have encountered a problem.  Occasionally, when I close Script Debugger and try to click on anything, I just get a beep from the system.  I am not able to do anything.  However, if I go back into debug mode, then whatever I was attempting to do, now completes.  When I close Script Debugger and attempt to do anything, same results.  Nothing happens until I go back into Script Debugger.  The only way out of it is to shutdown FileMaker and restart it.  I am not able to reproduce this as will, however it has happened each of the last two days.  Yesterday, I upgraded to El Capitan and reinstalled FileMaker Advanced 15.  Had the same problem today.


      A bug or does anybody have any suggestions?


      Thank you in advance.