Brand new FM15Server install on BrandNew Mac Pro coincided with sudden increase in connection errors on Insert from URL script steps

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long thread title I know. Sorry about that.


Yesterday we installed FM Server 15 locally on a Brand new Mac Pro with some variety of super fast flash memory 256gb.

A process that involves downloading PNG files to a container field iteratively in a found set of records, using Insert from URL started failing intermittently (some records) from some point a few hours thereafter.

The hosted files are still receiving other data being posted to a PHP file on WPE which is making new records in the hosted files without any errors.


I have an error logging script attached to the download process (which keeps retrying on fails on a timer) and I have captured error codes for the failures.


The error codes are 1631 and 1629 (connection failed, connection time out).


There is circumstantial evidence that some files that appear to have downloaded correctly may be corrupted to some extent.  These potentially corrupted files will display as images in the container if exported and inserted as image or if converted using base 64 encode - base 64 decode. They do however behave oddly on printing.


I have run the iterative URL download process on the same set of records (after resetting timestamps and clearing containers, and status fields etc) on server using perform on server and also on a local FM15 terminal. - same result but happens to different records each time.


Are there settings on FMServer 15 that would effect the capacity of insert from URL to function. ( remember many of the URLs are downloading fine) or destabilise it? How about the New OS? (latest OSX El Capitan).

Every other part of our solution seems to be working a lot faster on the new local server and I am not aware of any other issues.


One hypothesis, I have is it's just weird timing and that there is also an issue with the server hosting the png files I am accessing. This is not our server and we have no control or access to it's stats. Maybe it's out of memory?


We have a reliable ADSL 2+ ethernet connection and have not had any issues with insert from URL until this.