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    How are people dealing with FMGo connection issues?


      When an iPad jumps from Wifi to 4G or the other way or from one Wifi network to another the connection to FMS is dropped and all kinds of issues ensue. Lost data, difficulty logging back in...and so on.


      As of now we have a business policy that files must be closed and then Wifi turned off when leaving the office. same process when in the field and wanting to connect to wifi from 4G data. Big hassle.


      I am hoping there is some way to deal with the basic network issues. Sync type solution is not something I consider is an answer to this problem.

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          Johan Hedman

          In FM15 reconnecting work much better. I also check to make sure I always have connection to FMS

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            As Johan correct write, it is much better in FileMaker 15, if the connection is lost.

            But the main problem is that to give your users a good work experience you will need one of two (or both):

            • A stable internet connection. And you may have to accept reconnecting when changing network (loosing network connection and connecting to another network).
            • An offline sync based solution that will make sure that the user can work while data is kept updated when the connection is working.


            May I ask you a question: Why do you not consider a sync/offline model?


            Best regards


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              With FM 13 and it's respective go version, I used an on timer script step trigger that would be timed to before the sleep timing on the iPad. It would remember the field that the user was in, commit the record and go back the that field.


              I suppose if I wanted to, I could have remembered the cursor positioning as well, but it was never really an issue, as the event would only trigger when it was idle. Forcing a commit is not ideal, but it gave me some sense of certainty and never seemed to annoy users.

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                The main issue is with changing networks. I do not see why an offline/update model needs to be used when a connection is always available, but changing.


                Reconnecting in 15 looks like it might be better but when presented with the reconnect dialog and entering credentials FMGo always locks up and needs to be restarted just to login again. This happens even when the network doesn't change and with Pro as well if the computer sleeps even for a few seconds.


                This is the #1 usability issue I have with FM right now. Should the LAN connected Pro clients run an offline/update model as well? I think not. Current fix is that all LAN connected Pro clients never let the disk sleep.


                Maybe there is just no way around this issue in FMGo right now besides offline model.