DateField Calculation End of Year

Discussion created by PaSav-ICT on Jul 27, 2016
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I'm working with a calculation to calculate amount of days.


I have a

- contract start date, this is a date field

- contract end date, this is a date field

- end date for the calculation, this is a calculation that say's and is also set as result is date :

     Case(IsEmpty(contract  end date); Date(12;31;Year(Get(CurrentDate);contract end date)



The meaning is that the end date calculation gifs me ore contract end date if filled in, ore the last day of the current year.



But this seams not to work, what do i think wrong in this calculation.


Message was edited by: Patrick Savelberg, made a type error in this message. My formula was correct in the database.


Message was edited by: Patrick Savelberg second time : And i forgot what the problem was, when i use the end date by calculation it is not giving me the number of days. So, end date of the calculation - contract start date is giving me -736100 as answer. But when i do contract end date - contract start date, i get the right number of days. So why is the end date by calculation not working ?