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    Acrobat Error when viewing PDF in Container


      Recently update server from FileMaker Server 13 to Filemaker Server 15. Clients are using Filemaker Pro 13 and FileMaker Pro 15 (soon to all migrate to Filemaker Pro 15 clients (32bit)


      Windows 7,  IE11, Acrobat Reader XI


      PDF are stored in the application using Open External Containers.


      Prior to update to FileMaker Server 15 all pdfs can be seen in the viewer without issue.


      Since updating most pdfs can be seen in the viewer without issue. However some are not displaying and get this error


      A Network error occurred while accessing this document on the internet. Would you like to close the document or reload it. Clicking on either buttons results in a grey container. The document can be exported from the container and will open in Acrobat.


      At times this error also appears:

      There was a problem reading this document (109) - OK


      98% of the documents are viewable but all should be. Curiously there are some documents that have this problem with FileMaker Pro 13 client but they don't have the problem with using FileMaker 15 client.


      Anyone else encounter this?


      I had read that this may be an issue with a conflict with IE 11 and Reader XI. Suggestions are to update Reader or install DC? Anyone followed this advice and had the problem disappear.


      Thanks for your help



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          I haven't run into the specific problem you have. However, there are various issues that could be happening. A few questions:


          1. What OS are you running FMS on?

          2. How did you move all the external container data from FMS 13 to 15?

          3. What is set as your "default" PDF viewer? This can often have an impact on the behavior of display.

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            Thanks for your reply


            1. It is a windows server. Virtualized with tons of memory and space.

            2 As noted 99% of the PDFs are viewable. The problematic ones do open when exported from the container. Files are in storage location.

            3. Acrobat Reader XI

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              FMI made changes to the PDF engine in FM15, this may or may not be related. If the pdfs were created in FMP then this may be the issue.   Test by creating some PDFs with FM13 client and then some with FM15 client.


              Abode has a new Reader .     PDF reader, PDF viewer | Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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                Thanks for your reply. The pdfs are not created in FMP.


                The database containers thousands of PDFs and it is less than 1 % the are impacted by this.


                Have tried saving the trouble PDFs again and reinserting them but no change. I have a Dev and Production Filemaker Server 15 environments and another server that is still using FileMaker Server 13. The problem only is with the Filemaker 15 servers. Using FileMaker Pro 13 , 14 or FileMaker Pro 15. When access the same records on the FileMaker Server 13 using any of the FileMaker Pro versions there is no issue.


                I am going to run a test and reimport in another set of 2000 Pdfs that include these troubling PDFs into a local file and see if that has any impact. If it does not I'll reimport these into the hosted environment and see what happens.

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                  I am having the same problem.  I would like to add that not only does the container fail, but displaying the PDF in a webviewer window produces the same error.  Here is a screenshot of the error:




                  This happens on all my clients - 50+

                  We are running FM Pro v15.0.3, FMPro Adv v15.0.3.


                  This problem is really slowing things down.  Any help would be nice.





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                    Hi Dave


                    In my situation I did not control or maintain the Filemaker Server. After months of the client IT making accusations about FileMaker and my application I finally got them to uninstall and reinstall FileMaker Server. This server had been upgraded from FileMaker 13 server to FileMaker 25 Server by client IT. We had FileMaker Support looking at this and they spent considerable time on this did their best to replicate the problem but could not. I also could not replicate this at the other installs I have.


                    FileMaker Support got on the phone and walked them through the uninstall of server and all related Windows components and then an fresh install of Filemaker Server 15. The problem disappeared. Hope this helps.