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Sign In Database

Question asked by lbray on Jul 27, 2016
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I am very new to filemaker Advanced and i was wondering if anyone could help me through the process. I need to make a simple Sign In database, this database needs to be able to scan a students ID Card and find the correct contact, It will also need to have a period selection, I.E 7 Buttons that can be marked which will say which period of school they are signing in for. The database will need to at certain times I.E 15 Minutes after the period has begun to "Lock out" and not allow anyone else to sign in, and be required to send a email with a list of the names/contacts that have signed in. So pretty much a database where students can sign in with their ID Cards (Through Scanner) and select which period/periods they are signing in for, then after a certain time it will cut off for lets say 5 Minutes and send an email to our receptionist with a list of names/Contacts and the periods they have signed in for. If anyone has a template or a working database similar to this description or a detailed instruction list much would be appreciated. Thanks once again.