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    ODBC Data Source not showing in FM15 but shows in FM13


      Hi there,


      Apologies in advance if I am being a fool but I made a database in FM14 which has a script which imports information from an external database via ODBC


      It works perfectly in FM13 and all is good.

      When I run it in FM15 I quickly get this:



      I thought that this must be some kind of login in issue as its a while since I wrote the original script and everything was not that fresh in my mind.


      I then noticed that when going to File -> Import Records -> ODBC Data Source, there is some missing in the FM15 version.

      The FM13 looks like this:



      BUT in FM15, it looks like this:



      I need the "Orderwise" one and can't work out why it shows in FM13 but not FM15, any ideas or pointers would be gratefully received.


      Kindest regards



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