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How to insure security in a deployed FMGo file to first time users?

Question asked by dsimonson on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by philipHPG

My plan is to distribute an electronic medical record (EMR) for use via FM Go.  Here's my question:


What is the best method to insure that a user who downloads the EMR file and loads it into FM Go implements proper security?  While this solution is aimed at one user, one iPad (not using FM Server), I can see sharing of the iPad itself, thus a requirement to add users to the solution.


My answer (seeking critique, comments and improvements!):


1.  User downloads the EMR file and installs it in FM Go.


2.  Upon first-time opening, the file requires a username and password, which I have supplied along with the download -  

     Username: Admin

     Password (which is set to require changing): 1234


3.  The Startup script then detects that this is a first-time use and requires the user (who is now Admin and has full privileges) to set up his own new account. 


4.  User is taken to a layout where his info (including his desired username and password) is obtained.  He clicks on “Done” and a script uses these variables to set up another account for him, with a reduced privilege set. 


5.  As the “prime user”, he will have to add any additional users from then on under his Admin account, for which he has changed the password.


What do you think?  Can this work?