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Problem with conflict checker script, extend loop exit condition to allow for multiple values

Question asked by evance on Jul 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2016 by evance

Dear FM-Community,


I am facing an issue with our starter solution (SeedCode Complete / DayBack) and am trying desperately to grasp what I a missing here... There is a conflict checker script in place that first checks if two calendar events overlap in time and – if so – then checks for any resource conflicts with those.


Our resources are "rooms" and two types of "staff" and right now the conflict checker works fine when just checking for a single resource at a given time but we need to incorporate a validation for multiple resource overlaps...


I am hoping to explain my issue as best as possible given that you are merely given a glimpse of the whole script-environment but I am pretty sure that my problem is of a general nature and I am eager to learn.


Essentially we perform the date check in step 1 (multiple calendar resources are taken into account) and then in step 2 narrow down / loop through the results trying to compare the resource-fields and exit upon finding an issue.


Find attached a screenshot of the script step(s).


What I have tried so far...


  • I went ahead and switched the field that is checked against from "room" to "staff" just to see if there might be an issue with my variables but it works nicely -- overlapping staff-values are being identified and throw a notice like intended.
  • I duplicated the loop and had one loop for each resource, tried executing the constrain request after each of them and only once after both loops went through, both crashed...
  • Tried altering the "exit loop if"-step so it would go from
    $sc_ResouceValue = ElementeAnzahl ( $sc_TestForResource )
    ( $sc_ResouceValue = ElementeAnzahl ( $sc_TestForResource ) ) OR ( $sc_StaffValue = ElementeAnzahl ( $sc_TestForStaff ) )

None of the above worked and I am clueless as to why.


That being said I would very much appreciate if you could hint me regarding where to look or which direction to take on this.


Kind regards,