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Removing extra spaces from pdf news column

Question asked by user25648 on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by user25648

I need to identify and remove extra spaces without effecting the content of text I am pasting.  The only time I have this issue is when I'm pasting from a PDF news column.


Example:  I need "W i l l i am Smith" to become "William Smith"

Example: I need "doc u m e n t" to become "document"


Though I originally thought I was dealing with special types of spaces (e.g.  flush spaces, em space, en space, third space, quarter space, etc), I've removed all XML type hidden, special characters with Brian Dunning's _FilterXML custom function.


Is there any way to script this in Filemaker?  My only option at this point is a hands on approach visually inspecting parsed text for redundant text.


Thanks much.