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    Work Locally at home and when back on network upload layout changes to server


      Is there a way to take my laptop home, work on making changes to layouts, fields, reports etc. locally on my computer and then when I am back in the office connected to the network upload my changes to the server so everyone else see all the new changes?


      Same with data can I update data locally on my laptop and when back on the network upload my data changes?

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          From the admin console close the file you want to download and download it. Remember to open it again when the download finishes. Do your work locally at home. When you return to work use FMP to upload the file to the server.

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            What RickWhitelaw recommends makes sense if you are using data separation--where one file has all the layouts and nearly all the scripts while a data file holds all the data, and then only for updating the user interface file.


            If you do this with a file containing data, other users may add/modify data while you are working on your copy only to see those changes disappear when you upload your newly modified file back up to the server.


            So don't do it this way if your files contains data that your users might alter while you are working on a copy of it. For low traffic databases, you might leave the file closed until you return--especially if you pull the copy late at night, update it and can then re-upload it a few hours later. We do "data mods" (design modifications to the data model) of our system by scheduling a weekly downtime of about an hour or two where one member of our team copies and pastes new tables, field definitions and such from a log file where each team member has documented the changes that they need.


            Another alternative is to save a clone of your new version (no records) and briefly close/download the working copy. You use a script to import all data from the working copy into the new version and then upload the new copy. You should test any such script carefully on a copy and make sure that it also updates any auto-entered serial number settings to make sure they don't get out of whack. (Or witch to using Get ( UUID ) instead of serial numbers and then no such update of serial number settings is needed.)

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