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using fotos: is FM the right platform?

Question asked by diederiks on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by rrrichie

hi all,


im trying to figure out if filemaker would be the right platform for and app i need:


this is the situation:

i am a garden designer and i make tons of pics. mostly plants. i need a way to take pics and add extra info directly on my phone

(I' ve tried Evernote but that doest work for this)


what I am looking for:

on my iphone i take a pic.

In an app on the iphone i can add location, and multiple plantnames from a list

and add memo, (and possibly some more tags)


Then when i sync my phone the new pics in this app are synced with the database on my macbook.

(no need to do this i a cloud or so)

then in the DB I want to be able to make queries based on f.i. plant names, locations date etc.

and want to be able use (one pic at a time) to drag it into for instance Excel.


So here are  my questions

question 1:  is it possible in FM Go to make an app that can access and import the photos from the iPhone?

question 2: can FM handle tables with large amounts (like 10.000) of fotos? or will it get really slow from using lots of pics?


not sure how this works but in order to enhance performance the DB could work with low resolution pics for reports and lists etc

untill you actually access a pic.


thanks ahead.