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    FM Go 15 Web Viewer


      I am creating an app that will only be distributed in FM Go for iPhone and iPad.


      I want users to be able to read text but not edit it.  I don't want any boxes to appear around the text and want to have a scroll bar to access more text that what will fit in the box.


      On the desktop a web viewer function works perfectly, however in Go you have to tap and hold the text for a bit (too long, like 5 seconds) to make it active so the scrolling function works.


      My web viewer function is this:

      "data:text/html," & GetAsCSS (FileName::ArticleText)


      In FM Go 15 the text also appears to be half the size.  I understand the API changed, but I don't know how to modify my web viewer.


      Just displaying the ArticleText and turning it to view only puts a box around the text when you tap into the field to make it active.


      -When responding please make sure what you are recommending will work in FM Go 15.

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          Thank you for your post.


          Change your calculation to:

          "data:text/html,<html><head><meta name='viewport' content='initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=no, shrink-to-fit=no' /></head><body>" & GetAsCSS (FileName::ArticleText) & "</body></html>"


          The "maximum scale", "user-scalable" and "shrink-to-fit" parameters are optional and can be omitted.



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            That worked, thanks!


            The other thing I figured out was to include a Go To Object step as part of the script to go to that layout.  Without that the web viewer does not behave like I wanted it to with immediate use/scrolling.  The Go To Object step makes it behave like expected.

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              Is there a list of "normal" or basic html that one would find really handy in various aspects of using FileMaker?

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                A FileMaker Web Viewer is not a browser, but does use the operating system's WebKit to display web content.  For Windows, the WebKit is modeled after Microsoft Internet Explorer.  For Mac OS X, the WebKit is modeled after Safari.  The HTML that you would use in Internet Explorer/Safari generally displays in a Web Viewer.


                Could you be a little more specific  when you ask, "Is there a list of normal or basic html that one would find really handy in various aspects of using FileMaker?"  Actually, I should ask you, "What are you trying to accomplish with a Web Viewer?"



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                  I am creating an app for FileMaker GO where text would be viewable, but not editable.  Since the amount of text could vary, but would most likely be larger than the screen dimensions I was looking for a way to have it be scrollable in a iOS fashion without having to click into it and then wait for the web viewer to make it active.


                  The web viewer seems to be the ticket and it works like I want it to now, with your help and a Go To Object script.


                  I have been using FileMaker since the mid 80’s, so I have a bit of experience with it, usually being able to make it do what I need it to from a sales and marketing function.  I understand most DB functions but the web viewers and html take to to a whole different level of capabilities for sure, but for a limited tech mind like mine quite a bit more complex.  However, I am a good learner, so when you fired back the html to make the web viewer work, and that FM changed the API, it made me wonder if there is a resource somewhere that I can look at that might help me understand this further or get an idea of more capabilities that I am missing out on just focusing on the DB side.


                  I use FileMaker often to prototype things for our team to build and they usually are amazed at what I can build.  My mobile app prototype was bid out at $140k to make it in iOS and we ended up at over $250k and twice the time that was bid, so I want to be able to keep ahead of the curve.


                  I’d like to find more resources on HTML uses within FM, the web viewer and API’s that could link into a MySQL DB or potentially to SAP or NetSuite.



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                    Thanks for your background.


                    Check our Knowledge Base for articles about HTML.  Go to:

                    Find Answers | FileMaker


                    ... and search for HTML.  Some of the articles may be helpful to you.


                    As far as learning HTML, there are many online resources; many of them at no cost.


                    FileMaker Pro does have the ability to link to MySQL databases.  See our Technologies page at:

                    FileMaker Software Deployment, Business Software Solution - FileMaker


                    This article should give you an overview and a good starting point.



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