FM Go 15 Web Viewer

Discussion created by garyavischious on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by TSGal

I am creating an app that will only be distributed in FM Go for iPhone and iPad.


I want users to be able to read text but not edit it.  I don't want any boxes to appear around the text and want to have a scroll bar to access more text that what will fit in the box.


On the desktop a web viewer function works perfectly, however in Go you have to tap and hold the text for a bit (too long, like 5 seconds) to make it active so the scrolling function works.


My web viewer function is this:

"data:text/html," & GetAsCSS (FileName::ArticleText)


In FM Go 15 the text also appears to be half the size.  I understand the API changed, but I don't know how to modify my web viewer.


Just displaying the ArticleText and turning it to view only puts a box around the text when you tap into the field to make it active.


-When responding please make sure what you are recommending will work in FM Go 15.