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    double page spread layout


      Does anyone know a way to create a print layout which spreads across two landscape pages?

      The idea is to create a booklet using double-sided printing with short-edge binding with each record spanning the full width of two sheets of A4 landscape. There'll need to be a title header page and a title footer page to get the body of the report to print on the inner pages facing each other, but I can't work out how to get the body part to go across two pages horizontally.

      Any suggestions gratefully received.

      Thanks in advance


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          So the paper you're feeding is nearly 2 feet wide? Or is it actually A4 paper in landscape? FM isn't the best for print design projects, but you may be able to get there.


          I think you just need to make your layout wide enough by dragging the edge to the right (or using the position tab of the inspector). Maybe print in two columns? Each record will be a page, and you won't be able to check the layout except in Preview.