Filemaker Pro Advanced 10 > My Website (MySQL)

Discussion created by Shrab on Jul 28, 2016


I will try to make this question easy to understand as I can and apologise in advance if it get confusing.


FM Pro Advanced 10 (Mac OSX)


I would like to be able to take my data and upload directly in to my website mysql database.


The site is not yet build so it is a clean canvass to work from/on.


I have created a table with matching fields in mysql in preparation for the data but as of yet I have not been able to complete this task.


I have exported a whole range of file formats from FM but I am not totally sure they match what they should be for example the CSV file looks more like a spreadsheet than a typical csv file format.


I do not have Server, the website is not WordPress it will be coded manually.


Thank you all in advance