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FTPS URL scheme needed for "Insert from URL"

Question asked by ekami on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by ekami

Hello From France.


I have a distant ftp/ftps server that responds correctly to read requests using this FTP scheme in a "Insert from URL" script


I don't need to write to this ftp server, only read the files using FMP "insert from URL"

FMPro 13 Adv documentation talks about ftps protocol.

My server supports SSL encrypted logins using TLS, but maybe something is missing in my scheme to use FTPS.

I've tried ftp to ftps


but i obtain an error 1628 (Error using SSL)

Does i have to add something to my URL to make it work ?

I don't plan using a plug-in to do this, supposing FMP 13 can achieve this alone.


Maybe it would be better doing this with using an https server, but i have no idea how to install and configure this as easily as a basic PureFTPd server.


Thanks for your help.