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FM 15 Advanced - TOC Import

Question asked by synergy46 on Jul 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by synergy46

First, I apologize because I can not install FM 15 on my laptop (I am out of town) to see what is going on in debug....  My FM 15 is an upgrade and even having the key will not allow me to install on this laptop.


Here is the crux of the problem: 

I have a table called DES and a table called Members:  Members --<< DES

My import routine worked great until I created other TOC's :  Members2 and DES2


When I import records into DES, my DES2 table does not recognize the imported records.

But, Members2 information DOES seem to show????


However, if I run my existing sample data, all works as expected.


This is my sub summary report   (Grouped and sorted on DES2::Type)




Since DES2 is another 'occurrence' of DES shouldn't I see the same records in DES2 that I see in DES?

What am I missing?