Filemaker 15 v1 crashing, crashing and more crashing

Discussion created by cortical on Jul 28, 2016
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this has become so tedious


Across any file set,  heading into the c.50 crash range since updating to FM15 on a clean install of Mac OSX.11.6 about 2 months ago


Not that this is unique behaviour to FM15, 14 crashing was just as common.


It can be any file set ( most are data separation) and even in clean recent new builds in FM15


I do run clones, and script clone the file set at virtually every change ( to a script, add a objects to a layout, add TOC...) this is just part of Build change logging, so at least I always have a very recent clone, to re-instate and reimport to.


It does frequently seem to be triggered by copy and paste almost ANYTHING, but it does not necessarily happen immediately

But also without an obvious  common event initiating the crash


there are plenty of times when copying lines of script, or a portal or whatever is convenient, but it doesn't necessarily have to be structural,

the second crash this morning was copying text from a a BaseElements report into a change log record (or seemed to be anyway)


Copying script lines , or anything else between files is almost invariably fatal, whenever I forget.


DiskUtility first aid never reports any issues