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I've to upload a file to a external server which belongs to an administration.


This external server accepts only files encoded in UTF-8


So, i've copied the file example given by this administration in a field, after having changing the infos resquested by ... [phone number], for instance.


Then, a script substitutes this [infos] by the contents of various fields.


This calcultation is exported as a file with a suffix .xml


As you can imagine, the external server of the administration doesn't accept this file.


But if i open this file with "Text Wrangler", an info tells me the file is encoded in UTF-16 Endian.


If i re-encode it, using Text Wrangler, in UTF-8, I can upload the file to without problem.


So my question is, how having a calculation result encode in UTF-8 ?


Anybody to help me ?


Yes ? You're so kind !


Antoine Martin