FMS15 - Clients showing twice in Activity List

Discussion created by markpelleymounter on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by TSGal

Ever since we upgraded to a new server and swapped over to FMS15 and FM15 clients, we have experienced a situation where SOME of teh users are showing the the activity tab differently.


The db's are on a data seperation model, so each client should be showing as having two open DBs (the client frontend and the data backend) and this is exactly as it appears on the client activity tab on server admin for the majority of users.


However, a couple of users are showing twice in the list with one open DB against each instance, one instance is the frontend file and the second is the data backend file.


Looking at the attached you can see that their Connect Time is around 1/2 second different.   The clients open the frontend file which has an on open script to fire up the datafile.


Whilst this issue is purely cosmetic as it does not add to the Clients stat on the Databases tab, is there a way to resolve this?


Thank you

Server activity clients.JPG