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    Using graphic files that are on the web


      I'm using filemaker pro advanced 11.  I have a database of products sent to me by a supplier, basically a flat file with part numbers, descriptions, prices, etc.  Each record has between one and nine photographs in the form of URL's to a web page containing a single photo, each in a text field ("Image1" through "Image9")


      Using the web viewer I can see the photos but I can't scale them to the size I need.  Q1:  Is there a way to make the pictures scale to the thumbnail size I need?


      Q2:  Is there a way to download all the pictures so I have a local copy and don't need to have a web connection to use the database? This is preferred.  Since each photo has it's own url contained in this database, it would be ideal if I could make Filemaker perform this task rather than using some other file-downloading software.