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Can't Print FM15 generated PDFs!  Oh-no!

Question asked by eworbit on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2017 by TSGal

Just upgraded the users to FM15 clients (windows).  Still on a FM14 FM Server (mac).


We just found out that the FileMaker 15 clients generates PDFs (such as a order quote) which can *not* print!   No error message - it goes through the motions of normal print dialogs (in Adobe Reader) and it briefly appears (as usual) in the printer queue and goes away.   It just seems like it should print.    I can immediately pull up any other PDFs and they print.


I can inspect the .pdf, in Adobe Reader DC, and printing is "Allowed" in the security settings.


I first noticed this the other day when my FileMaker developer (Mac FileMaker 15 client, stand-alone file), generated a invoice PDF and we could not print it either.  He resent it using his FM14, and it printed.


As a work-around, in Adobe Reader DC, there is a print option called "Print as Image" which made it to print.  I'm theorizing that the FM15 PDF is slightly corrupt in some fashion.  The problem is we can't be telling all our customers to do this over and over again.


Any ideas?

-Eric Wood


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