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    Just upgraded to Windows 10, can't see hosted files now


      Hi all,


      Before I revert back to Windows 7 I thought I would see if there is a fix for this problem.  I have been searching for the last hour.


      I have an office with 7 computers with Filemaker 12 & 13 and a couple of iPads with FMGO.  I run a hosted file off one of the computers with FM12 advanced (as is allows more users).


      I upgraded all the other computers first and FM worked fine but now that I have upgraded the hosting PC to windows 10 I can no longer connect to the hosted file.  I can see the hosted computer in FILE > OPEN REMOTE under hosts, but no available files.


      The time & date all all set correctly

      The files is open and sharing is enabled.



      I understand that Filemaker 12 and 13 are not supported by windows 10, but this doesn't mean it can't work.  If anyone has a fix can you please let me know.   Otherwise I'll just revert to windows 7 on the hosted computer (not a biggie).


      Thanks in advance.