Can't keep FM Go connected

Discussion created by philmodjunk on Jul 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2018 by bigtom

I have frequently used FM Advanced to host a solution that I will eventually deploy as a stand alone solution on iOS devices. When I do so, I then use iPhone and iPad to connect to the file over WiFi so that I can review and test the UI from the device for which I am developing. I had no major problems doing this with FM 13, but with versions 14 and 15, I cannot stay connected. Every few minutes, my FMGo app loses its connection and cannot find the hosted file (or host computer) to connect to. I'm able to limp on with my work by going to Sharing and turning it off and back on.


Am I missing a setting that needs to be changed or is this a bug that I should be reporting? I'm using Windows 10 on my Lap Top as my Peer to Peer host and I do not have any account other than Admin no password at this stage in the development process.