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Increment Number by 1

Question asked by mengzi888 on Jul 31, 2016
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I have the following problem with my invouce app.



This is the scenario




Text-Field Invoice-Number

Datefield Invoice_Date


Invoice_Date is filled with the current date

Get (CurrentDate)


Invoice_Number should be filled with the text

"Invoice[space][current year]-[space]"

then there should be a number added with the following requirements

1. If a new year begins, the first in voice in that year should start with "1"

2. During the current year, the number should increase by 1 with every new invoice


I was using the following solution which did not work properly



& " "

& Year ( Get ( CurrentDate ) )

& "- "

& If ( Year ( Get (CurrentDate)) > Year ( Max (Invoice_Date)); "1"; SerialIncrement ( Invoice_Number; 1 ))


Unfortunately this does not work.

Any ideas ?