Linking two different files but issues with security/Logins

Discussion created by Dobieg5750 on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by brsamuel

So checking to see if there is something easy I'm missing or if it is just not going to work.


I have two basic files...for housing Member Data and another (Display File) that can access that Member Data in conjunction with other items. On one of my layouts I have a portal that is linked to the Member file and it works perfectly (thanks to linking the external data source).


My issue is that when I secure (on my FM Server) each of these files...when I go to the layout in the second file (Display File) that is linked, it asks me to log back in.


So I played around with this and found that if I created User Names and same Passwords in both files I bypass this login prompt. Cool.

But, when this is and I roll this out to my staff, they will change their passwords (of course) and so now I won't be able to maintain the link without knowing what their new password is OR even worse, they will have access to the Member Data file as well.


Is there something I'm missing? Can't I just create that relationship between current file (Display) and linked file (Member Data) without requiring a login to the Member file? I didn't check the box to auth modifying either table....I just want to display in the portal the linked that can be manipulated somewhere else.