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Include Edit Record Toolbar  (new feature in FileMaker 15)

Question asked by dburnham on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by dburnham

I have already determined that the only way to solve my problem is to create a custom menu with certain menu commands deleted, but I am curious to know if others agree with me about the way this new feature performs in FileMaker 15.


I have a solution being used in iOS where the users are not allowed to view any record except their own.  I find that when you tap into any field and the keyboard appears, even if you have explicitly opened the file with a script step that Hides Toolbars, there is still the Edit Record ToolBar that appears and it includes the ability (in the center of the toolbar) to Show All, Show Omitted, Omit Records, etc.   On the right side of the same toolbar, there is the ability to add, delete, and duplicate records.


If you use the new feature in FileMaker 15 which, when leaving unchecked the new option "include edit record toolbar", in fact the edit toolbar still appears.  The only apparent differences when leaving this option unchecked are:

  • Show All, Show Omitted, and Omit Records are visible, but dimmed.
  • The user can see the total number of records, even though they cannot navigate to others.
  • The user cannot delete or duplicate records, but they can still add new ones.


I know that I can create custom menus to suppress the unwanted options, but it seems to me that the behavior obtained with this script step optional checkbox is not giving the expected result.  I also realize that the ability to tab forward and backward from one field to another is desirable but when you specify that the toolbar should be hidden, it should be hidden ---- and instead, the TAB key on the keyboard should perform the forward/next behavior the way it does on a computer keyboard.


I'd rather not make custom menus unless it is absolutely necessary, and the 'halfway' behavior of this new script step option dictates making custom menus if users are to be limited to viewing only a particular record.

Screen Shot 2.png

Am I mistaken?