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    Filemaker 14 serious CSV file import problem


      Using Filemaker Pro Advanced 14v6.


      My CSV file has its first row as column names and the import script says to ignore that row.


      I notice that if I add a column to a CSV file and update my import settings to accommodate that new column, using Custom Import (because field names don't match), it works fine for all such newly formatted CSV files. But if I import an older CSV file (that doesn't have that new column), Filemaker shifts the import order (during import). Let's say I have 5 fields (columns) with the following Custom Order:


      Carrots to Field1

      Apples to Field2

      Oranges to Field3

      Pears to Field4

      Bananas to Field5


      Now I import a CSV file with column 3 (Oranges) missing. Here's how the data is imported:


      Carrots to Field1

      Apples to Field2

      Pears to Field3         < --- wrong

      Bananas to Field4    < --- wrong


      I do not find importing Excel files has this problem.


      Probably related to the above problem, if I reorder my CSV columns (in the actual CSV file), that also disrupts the import stream, importing data into wrong fields.