FMPA 15 Crashing

Discussion created by maidanss on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Fred(CH)

(FileMaker Pro Advanced

MS Windows 10 Home

Toshiba Satellite PC (Intel i7), 8Mb RAM, 1TB Disk.

FMPA 15 crashing after (FileMaker Not Responding Message) when I use (Ctrl-C) to Copy followed by (Ctrl-V) to paste. in layout mode. Specifically, when I do that to a field or a variable which is already merged on the layout. I emphasis that it does not happen all the time, but it happens mostly with merged items. i.e. copying and pasting <<mergedfield>> or <<mergedvariable>>.

I wonder if it is because merged items involves calculations?

This happens at random so it is difficult to specify how it can be replicated.

There is no workaround from my end. I just have to revert to the last backup copy of my work and lose the work which was not backed up.