Report of data from multiple tables

Discussion created by TonyDehnke on Jul 31, 2016
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So I'm just starting to learn FM and I'm using an idea I have for an app to learn things.


Basically the app has a number of tables for information on various parts of a car, with some tables having more detail.  It uses text fields, numbers, containers and lists etc.


My first goal is to be able to collect that data that the user inputs and create a PDF report of that data.


I'm using multiple tables for different parts, Technician info, Year/MakeModel, Radio etc etc.


I get how to make a report with data from the one table, but what is an efficient way to have it layout the data from each table in the same report PDF?  Once I have that the next step would be to have it skip fields that are empty when generating the report.


Any advice would be great!  Thanks !