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    Introducing the FileMaker Community MVPs


      On July 22, 2016, FileMaker, Inc announced the new program recognizing leaders in the community for their contributions and support of the FileMaker platform, and the community as a whole. Introducing the FileMaker Community MVP program


      Now that the program is public, we ( the MVPs ) wanted to take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. Over the next few days, we will post a brief introduction about ourselves. Who we are. What we like to do. And maybe some other details so we can all get to know each other a little bit better. Who knows, maybe we will even post some photos ( optional ).


      If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please feel free to ask. Please be mindful that we may not answer all questions...we are human, after all. And do require some level of privacy.


      Currently there are 5 MVP community leaders. They are ( in no particular order ):






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          First, I want to thank FileMaker for the opportunity to participate in this program. It's quite humbling, really.


          Here's the bio I use on my freelancing business's web site:


          Mike's been developing solutions using FileMaker Pro for over 25 years in a wide variety of applications, including interfacing with other data systems (such as Oracle, SQL Server, and exports from dedicated client databases) as well as publishing FileMaker data to web sites. In addition to being a certified FileMaker 12, 13, and 14 developer, Mike is the founder and chair of the Savannah River Site FileMaker Developer / User Group and serves as Tier 3 technical support for FileMaker for that site, with over 11,000 users.


          As for my FileMaker journey, it started back in the FileMaker 3 days. Like many, I started developing in FileMaker not because I wanted to be a dedicated developer, but because I was trying to solve my workgroup's problems. After seeing how effective and easy it was to build solutions in FileMaker, I fell in love with the tool and decided this would be a great full-time gig.


          I'd like to encourage everyone to engage in the community. I learned a vast amount of what I know through this community (and the ones that preceded it). Have a passion for learning. And never be afraid to be wrong.

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            Markus Schneider

            missing PhilModJunk here...

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              A little about me:

              Mike is an application developer with MainSpring, Inc., a FileMaker Business Alliance Platinum Partner and Business Driver of the Year from 2013 - 2016. He has worked with the FileMaker platform for over nine years. He has a formal education in graphic design and computer science, and a background in web development and IT support.  In his spare time, Mike is an avid FileMaker community supporter, receiving the Community Excellence award in 2016 and 2014, presenting at user groups and helping with developer questions. He recently developed CoreScope, a free app to help FileMaker Go developers.


              And on a more personal note:

              I came to the FileMaker platform almost by accident. Originally I was hired to do L1/L2 tech support work, and when the in-house developers ended up leaving, my role changed to include development based on my history of web development. I was given a challenge to learn FileMaker and produce a system for an agency that a predecessor had left unfinished. I ended up learning FileMaker from the ground up and redeveloping that system entirely over the course of my first year. From there, I branched out into a wide variety of FileMaker projects, from CRM type systems, to marketing generation and analytics, and data reports for private organizations with public records. By 2013, I knew I was destined for a greater role in the FileMaker world, and signed on with Anvil Dataworks (now MainSpring, Inc.). Since then I have spoken at FileMaker Devcon three times, and have been honored with the FileMaker Excellence Award for the Community twice. FileMaker is still the majority of my daily work, and at MainSpring we work on projects small and large, coast to coast and intercontinental. We also still do web applications here at MainSpring, and I have mentored around a dozen FileMaker developers over the past few years as well that are all now becoming great FileMaker developers in their own right.

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                Hey Markus,

                I completely understand the sentiment. Phil is definitely a highly valued member of the community and has a favored place in everyone's heart.


                For this program, the initial members were decided months ago. At a time when Phil was still inactive. So his absence in this list is not an indication about how we ( the community and FMI ) feel about him.


                Rest assured the five of us won't be the only MVPs in the community. This is just the beginning.

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                  My foray into this thing we call "FileMaker" was a floppy disk that ran on a Lisa. Well, actually there was AppleWorks/ClarisWorks that had a database, too, on Apple ][ & Apple /// before the Lisa. I helped my mom run her business with these databases. My outside professional usage of FileMaker 2.1 (as a contractor at a large software company) got me thinking I could be an independant consultant. I have a background in programming, but also have a desire to be creative. FileMaker Pro became my choice with it's integration of scripting and design interface.


                  I've been contributing on many FileMaker forums since AOL days. I discovered that I was "learning" as I answered questions. I became life-long friends with people I never met (unless we connected at DevCons, MacWorld or smaller gatherings). I helped found a few FileMaker User Groups, was a vendor at MacWorld in the FMI booth and at DevCons, presented sessions at DevCons several times, did some demos at stores about FileMaker, have been known to occasionally put some poetry out there as FileMaker answers & comments, and wrote articles for some well-known FileMaker-based magazines and e-zines.


                  My other vehicle is "the web". I started with Netscape 1.1 and never stopped - it's a constantly evolving process. When FileMaker created ways for our databases to be shared on the web, I was there. This web-thing got me more into SQL databases, too. I always worked on data exchange between FileMaker and other applications, but suddenly we had greater ways to integrate with the rest of the world. For about 10 years I was an ISP with many servers on a "farm". I was the go-to person to see how we could leverage FileMaker for our Web business.


                  The writing got me hooked again. A technical document that could be creative, too, right? That went well with FileMaker! In addition to the articles, I was asked to write the FileMaker XML book. It fit with what I was doing on the web, with data exchange and how FileMaker could use XML effectively. I even used a FileMaker database to gather notes, screen shots and build an outline that became the book. Over 10 years ago, and the book is still being sold! I've been a techinical editor for other FM authors and still contribute articles to Blogs on FileMaker.


                  My Web integration to FileMaker earned me the "FileMaker Excellence Award for Outstanding Contribution to the FileMaker Web Publishing Community". I'm not sure there was ever a "Web Publishing" award presented again. It's a challenge to all you web folks out there!


                  When ExecuteSQL (the function) was introduce, I lamented the lack of documentation on it. I had SQL chops (outside FileMaker) and I wanted to know what made this wonderous function tick. So I set about testing every SQL function I could find, and pulled together contributions on ExecuteSQL by other developers. Thus was born "The Missing FileMaker 12 ExecuteSQL Reference". Get the PDF and sample files!


                  I look forward to connecting with all the new FileMaker Developers out there and encourage all of you to add your comments to this forum. Share what you have learned, others will want to know what you did. I guarantee you will learn more from answering than asking! It takes a Community to raise a FileMaker Developer.


                  Beverly Voth


                  p.s. For those who wondered: my last name "Voth" rhymes with both, not moth. It's German so probably sounds more like fOte to the old kin. I'm told it means 'one with unusual feet'. My maiden name is "Rabbitt" (yes, two T's), so that makes my children (if their last name were hyphenated)... I'm sure you get how lucky they were.

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                    Over 10 years ago, and the book is still being sold!


                    Just bought my copy two months ago.

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                      Let me know (PM) if you need the sample files (now converted for .fmp12).


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                        beverly wrote:

                        p.s. For those who wondered: my last name "Voth" rhymes with both, not moth. It's German so probably sounds more like fOte to the old kin. I'm told it means 'one with unusual feet'. My maiden name is "Rabbitt" (yes, two T's), so that makes my children (if their last name were hyphenated)... I'm sure you get how lucky they were.

                        Yes indeed. Your last name "Voth" would be pronounced as "Pfote" in Germany provided the 'h' is not silent.  "Pfote" is the german word for "paw". If you combine your maiden name 'Rabbitt' with 'Voth' you are left with a multicultural "Rabbit's-foot". These were known to bring good luck when worn in the form of an amulet in Europe as early as 600 BC.

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                          Thanks for the kind words, but since I've only "been back" for a few weeks, I'm certainly not expecting any special recognition beyond the many warm and much appreciated "welcome back" messages that have been made both publicly and privately.

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                            Congratulations to the five inaugural MVPs. Very well deserved recognition from my observation. And thank you Mike, Mike and Beverly for your brief bios. It is always interesting to learn something of the journey others have taken along the FileMaker road.

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                              Another old, but still good, book is Scriptology. You might struggle to get a copy but its an interesting read.

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                                thanks to MP and JMO!


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                                  It suffers the same fate of so many other excellent books that cover older software versions where you can find numerous used copies at Amazon from $0.01 with $3.99 shipping. Most certainly only because it is about FileMaker 5.0 since the book has an all around 5 star rating in the review section and is authored by none other than ISO FileMaker Magazine creator Matt Petrowsky who has greatly contributed to the FileMaker community as well.