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How can I limit records viewable or modifiable by username?

Question asked by clayhendrix on Jul 31, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by dtcgnet

I want to create a solution using FMP to allow employees to request time off (vacation, paid time off, sick time, etc.)


I have very little experience using the security features except to authenticate and to allow users to view or edit data.


I would like a solution that:

1.) Allows employees to login using their own FMP account (using the FMP file to authenticate, not an outside authenticator).

2.) Allow employees to create a request for time off. Data would be date(s) and type of time off (vacation, sick, etc.)

3.) Allow supervisors to see the requests for the employees that report to them and modify a checkbox to indicate the supervisor approves.

4.) Allow the HR to see the requests from employees that have been approved by supervisors and allow HR to modify ANOTHER checkbox to indicate that HR approves.

5.) Allow employees to login at any time and view the records they created (ideally also view records created on there behalf should they be sick and unable to enter their own).


I can make the tables and layouts. I think I can even prevent employees from modifying the approval checkbox.


What I am unable to do is allow the employees to only view record they created (or were created on their behalf) based on their login (username).


For the purposes of this project (and others) I have been seeking an accurate explanation of the way security works in FMP. I understand that security should be controlled at the table/field level rather than the layout level. I do not need another document that explains why that is the case. I would really like a solution someone could send me that contains this type of security or a good explanation of how to accomplish it.


The organization has about 25 employees. Employees would create the records (time off requests) using FileMaker Direct or FileMaker Go.


Thanks, in advance, for your help!