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Discussion created by sccardais on Aug 1, 2016
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I am trying to create a report based on a relationship between two tables:


  • ORGs. Each record contains information about a single organization. Each record contains a unique ORGID
  • COHORTS. Each record is a cohort or group of Orgs meeting specific criteria. e.g. Cohort 1 = Orgs that purchased in Jan 2016. A single Text field in COHORTS (COHORTS::OrgList) contains multiple ORGIDs. COHORTS::Description is a text field containing a description of each cohort.


I want to create a report for each Cohort showing information from ORGs. For example:



COHORTS:: Description = Orgs that purchased in Jan 2016


ORGs::IDORGs::Org NameOrgs::DateOrdered


What's the best way to create this report?