WEB Direct Interface - Need to close kepad in script when phone

Discussion created by JohnGagne on Jul 31, 2016

Hi friends.

Situation where I need to have a user click into a global repeating field so I can capture the "active repetition," and place an "X" into the field to identify the selection.


The problem is that the cursor sits in the field even though the script has identified the repetition and assigned an "X."  The cursor sits in the field until I press DONE on the key pad.  It's not clean.  A user could press SELECT ALL and CUT on the iPhone.


I've tried everything imaginable.  I followed the field assignment with GOTO FIELD ( ) or a GO TO OBJECT command.  I've tried COMMIT.


I even tried to change layouts and go into FIND MODE, then RETURNING to BROWSE and the initial layout.


The cursor still sits in the field until I press DONE on the keypad.


Again, this is WEB Direct.  I thought of putting a button over the field, but I thought I read that WEBD does not like stacking objects.  I'd love to use a script command that closes the keypad.  And if it did, hopefully it would work on Android too.  But that's a whole different set of issues I'm sure.  If I assign the field itself as  button, not sure if it would return active repetition.  Have not tried it yet; and not sure if it would impact performance.  Best is button = button.


If I recall, desktop browser was fine.  It's an iPhone situation.


Appreciate any thoughts.


Thanks in advance