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Check if LAN or Internet before running script

Question asked by paolobkk on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2016 by paolobkk

Hi everyone,


We are using FMPA11 on multiple platforms and the files are on FMS11 on a MacMini Server (OSX Server Snow Leopard).

I want to allow users to run certain scripts ONLY if they are sitting on a local computer (same IP range as the FM server) and only if connected by a cable - NOT WIFI.


These scripts are complex and they run for a long period of time (around 10-15 minutes, copying inventory data from one table to another).


The FM database is available remotely by our fix IP address.

By experience I saw that if they run from remote location (Internet) or even local WIFI there is a chance that the client disconnect from the server during the script and screw things up.


I already informed the users to sit on a local cable connected computer to make these processes but I'd like to add extra security and don't give them the chance to "try" wrong things.


Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


All the best!