really simple authentication - Runtime Solution

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       Filemaker 14 Adv Pro

       Windows OS

       App: "Your Silly App"


      If I do the following

       (g_key = global for key)

             scripttrigger onfirstwindow

                       if g_key = " "

                            setfield  g_key = get(persistentid)


                           g_key= get(persistentid)

                               go to Splash and start app.


                           Show Custom Dialog " Sorry you need to use this on your registered machine"

                           Close File.


Assuming this field was on an developer layout/table and not accessible except via the global reference.

And I used something like inno to turn the runtime into an .exe

How easy would it be for this to be bypassed?


I have a small app I want to give away in my local community but want to give only one copy of app to each resident.


Without a copy of Filemaker Advanced I dont see this being easily bypassed and app is so simple anyone with filemaker advanced

would just write it themselves.